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OnSiteMonitor Standard License
Price: $49.99
One time purchase for non-expiring desktop license. Includes first year of support, web portal access, and unlimited software upgrades.

OnSiteMonitor Standard License Extended Support
Price: $12.00
Annual support renewal for standard software license. Includes support, web portal access, and software version updates.

SassyCLI for Azure Price Calculator
Price: $14.95
Command Line Interface to create estimated pricing for Azure cloud resources

SassyCLI for Batch Emailer
Price: $4.95
Simple interface to send email by copy and pasting names and email addresses. Create templates to be used in sending email.

SassyCLI for Database Extractor
Price: $9.95

SassyUI for Bulk File Renamer
Price: $1.99
Rename one or more files in a folder

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